69 First Date Ideas You’ll Actually Find Fun

17. Make a fire.

Let the ambiance and the s’mores you make undoubtedly do the most work for you.

18. Check out your local farmer’s market.

It’s cute, and it’s basically running errands. Perfect!

19. Go sledding.

Obviously, there’s seasonal specificity to this one, unless you’re Nathan Fielder on Repetitionin which case winter could be anytime.

20. Go somewhere with a jukebox.

And if it’s just your nearest Waffle House, great! A jukebox and pancakes means you skipped a level.

21. Prepare a meal together.

This one, too, might be a little too buddy for some people’s first-date threshold. Who is AOK! But if you know the person at least a little and you both like to cook, why not completely ignore the atmosphere of mutual talks in an overpriced restaurant.

Unique ideas for a first date

1. Go to a wrestling match.

The theater of everything! Even if the idea of ​​deliberately watching wrestling makes you scoff, there’s always a chance the high-octane crowds will be more on board with you than you think. (I’m certainly not speaking from experience here.)

2. Get your palms read.

Make your date wait outside so they don’t hear what this person is about to tell you about your love line.

3. Host a board game tournament.

Line up your favorite games and challenge your date to a match.

4. Go bird watching.

I’m only including this in the highly likely event that the next person to ask my best friend Adam reads this. If that’s you, take Adam birdwatching. Thanks.

5. Play shuffleboard or skeeball.

See also: billiards, darts, table football, petanque or whatever your nearest game spot sells.

6. Go to the most random and wacky museum in your area.

Every town has one.

7. Prepare your own outdoor movie.

Got a yard, a white sheet, and about $75 for an outdoor spotlight that you’ll definitely be using outside the context of this date? You have a whole evening planned.

8. Get a tarot card reading.

Swipe The Lovers card on top of the deck like the card shark you secretly are.

9. Find a walking tour.

If you live in a medium or slightly larger city there is bound to be one, whether it is a street art tour, ghost tour or history tour local.

10. Head to a rock climbing wall.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try bungee jumping.

11. Visit a cat cafe.

Delight in the perfection of your choice.

12. Access a live podcast recording.

While these are a little more likely to happen in larger cities, many podcast hosts today are hitting the road to do live recordings from new locations. Keep an eye on where your favorite podcasters are headed!

13. Play poker.

Make your best impression of Halle in The parent trap (circa 1998) and call everything in your hand a royal flush (in their honor, of course).

14. Find a pool.

Whether it’s a neighborhood or community pool or a variety of hotels, many hotels sell day passes for pool access only! — beat the heat with this honestly ideal first date.

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