Alternate No Way Home Goblin & Doc Ock Designs Revealed in Concept Art

Newly released art from No Way Home shows unused designs for the villains – with Doc Ock wearing a cardigan and Green Goblin wearing a Hammer Tech hoodie.

Some recently released concept art from Spider-Man: No Coming Home revealed a look at alternate costume designs for Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. The MCU sequel has been a box office sensation since its December release and celebrated by audiences around the world as a must-see movie for Spider-Man fans. Jon Watts’ third outing for the web-slinger sees Tom Holland’s Peter Parker face his biggest challenge yet, trying to clear his name after the watershed events of 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home. When he uses Doctor Strange’s magic to try to reset his reality, Peter ends up opening up the entire Multiverse and comes face to face with some of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies from across the various universes.


In addition to taking place within the MCU, the blockbuster also celebrates the precedent Spider Man films by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, with several iconic actors reprising their villainous roles. Two of the film’s most iconic returning foes are Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus, both of whom look nearly ageless nearly two decades after their original appearances. In the finished film, Doc Ock sports an outfit similar to the one seen in Spider-man 2, retaining his off-green trench coat, although this time lightly covered with a black turtleneck. Dafoe’s Goblin Gets Multiple Looks Throughout Spider-Man: No Coming Home, wearing both his original 2002 armor Spider Man and a new homemade design with its precise purple and green hoodie look.

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Now concept artist and costume designer Christian Cordelle revealed some original artwork he made for Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Posted on her Instagram, Cordella reveals some alternate looks at Norman and Otto. First looks at Molina’s Doc Ock designs show a thoughtful look that includes a gray knit cardigan. The look, while slightly less intimidating than its finished design, is reminiscent of the outfit worn by Octavius ​​before his transformation into Spiderman 2, possibly highlighting the conflicting villain’s inner good. Perhaps most interesting is the work of Norman Osborn of Dafoe. Norman’s homeless shelter look from the film’s second act originally seems to have involved Hammer Tech merch. The purple hoodie worn by Osborn in the film appears to have originally featured the logo of Tony Stark’s tech rival, memorably played by Sam Rockwell in iron man 2. Check out the original posts below:

In the aftermath of the popular blockbuster, more and more concept art is making its way online to give audiences a sense of some of the moments that didn’t make it into the finished film. Other recent concept art released revealed that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio nearly made a comeback in the final battle to fight Doctor Strange, while prior art depicted a scene of Strange throwing Peter through a cafe window. during their brawl in the Mirror Dimension. Interestingly, this new art seems to imply that Marvel is still looking to remind fans of Justin Hammer’s presence in the MCU, which could add weight to some rumors suggesting he could reappear in future projects such as Disney+. Armor Wars series.

No coming home was hailed by fans and non-fans alike as the ultimate celebration of Spider-Man in cinema. Ultimately, the redesigns and costumes that iconic villains received in No coming home were almost universally praised; with characters like Jamie Foxx’s Electro wearing more accurate designs that fans liked. While these alternate looks ultimately never saw the light of day, it’s still interesting to see the process that brought Marvel’s iconic costumes and designs to life. Spider-Man: No Coming Home is in theaters now.

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Source: Christian Cordelle

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