Animal shelter in Sullivan City asks people to adopt due to low adoption rate

Another valley shelter that takes in cats, dogs, etc., says adoption rates are at an all-time low.

They warn of stray overcrowding, even diseases that strays can spread and cause more problems.

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“Over the past year, I think this is the worst I’ve seen in all my years of rescue,” Yaqui rescue coordinator Esmer Garcia said.

Yaqui is a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Sullivan City that houses more than cats and dogs on its ranch. You can also find horses, cows, pigs, chickens and a sheep. It totals more than 200 animals.

“Your main goal is to educate people about spa sterilization,” Garcia said. “Of course save the animal and bring it to eternal homes.”

Garcia says the wandering population is a problem for everyone in the community.

“And they carry disease,” Garcia said. “We see a lot of parvo and distemper, and it’s not something that can be passed on to humans, but it can be passed on to other pets.”

Yaqui brings in stray animals, castrates them, and has them vaccinated against these diseases in hopes of getting them into a home.

Right now, they say adoption is at an all-time low, with only five adoptions in their organization in the past two months.

Since Yaqui is a no-kill organization, instead of euthanizing animals, they look to out-of-state organizations that have space.

“Fortunately for us, they take our dogs and that’s actually what helps us clean up our livestock so we can save more animals because people aren’t adopting,” Garcia said.

Some who have recently adopted are grateful for providing a safe home for the animals.

“Not too long ago, Molly was just a stray, malnourished dog,” said adoptive/rescued mother Veronica Leal. “So I don’t know, I’d like to invite people to give one of these strays a chance and see for yourself how wonderful it is.”

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