Blake Moynes shares ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Bachelorette star Blake Moynes shares his ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day for any budget, incorporating his love for wildlife.

the bachelorette Star Blake Moynes has shared her ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day. Blake, a 31-year-old wildlife manager from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, first appeared in Clare Crawley’s season the bachelorette in 2020. He felt a connection with Clare, but Clare left the show early to pursue her relationship with Dale Moss. Tayshia Adams then took the lead, and Blake remained on the show. Blake thought he and Tayshia were building a strong relationship and was caught off guard when she broke up with him before the hometown dates. The following year, Blake reached out to Tayshia when she was announced as the co-host of the bachelorette because he thought the show’s newest star, Katie Thurston, would be a perfect fit for him. Blake and Katie exchanged a few DMs before the show. Blake joined Katie’s season as a late addition, but they fell in love and became engaged.


Sadly, Blake and Katie announced their split in October 2021 after just six months together. Since then, Blake has focused on his career as a wildlife manager. Blake traveled to Africa to observe the animals up close and the devastating effects of the illegal wildlife trade and poaching on rhinos in particular. In October 2021, he and his brother, Cody, traveled to Kenya to work with the Big Life Foundation to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. They have created a vlog that documents the challenges of wildlife conservation. Blake also started the Mowgli Moynes Fund, which supports animal education and awareness. Blake has a online shop which sells animal-themed clothing. All proceeds go to wildlife conservation charities and every item sold plants a tree. Blake has also volunteered to help save endangered species.

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In an interview with single nation, Blake shared her plans for the perfect Valentine’s Day and incorporated her love for animals into her date ideas at various price points. For an appointment with a budget of $0, Blake would visit an animal shelter or sanctuary with her date”and give some of our time“If he only had $10 to spend on a date, Blake said he would visit a petting zoo, adding, “Who doesn’t love goats!?

If Blake had a $100 budget, he’d share his love of the outdoors by bringing his date to find a hiking or kayaking route. They would then “stop halfway for a well-deserved and prepared gourmet picnic. “If he had $1,000 to spend on Valentine’s Day, Blake would love a new learning experience with his significant other. He said it could be something like a day trip or “a behind-the-scenes look at a wildlife conservation organization“Blake added that he might also like to take”a snorkeling or scuba diving course, an outdoor course or a falconry course!“Blake’s choices show how important wildlife is to him.

the bachelorette Fan-favorite Blake has had some creative Valentine’s Day ideas that incorporate his passion for wildlife conservation. His love and respect for animals is an admirable trait. His date would have a wonderful time exploring the outdoors with him. Hope Blake has a happy Valentine’s Day.

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Sources: single nation, Blake Moynes/Instagram

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