Cute dog stuck in Maine shelter for 395 days looking for a home

While adopting pets can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences people can have, there always seems to be a handful of pets that fall through the cracks while throughout the process. Everyone loves kittens and puppies, and even younger cats and dogs that show lots of youthful exuberance. But often pets of a certain age are neglected and left behind, stuck to live out their days in a shelter with no family to call here in Maine.

through the Bangor Humane Society

through the Bangor Humane Society

Shared on Facebook by the Bangor Humane Society, this was the unfortunate case of Bailey, a nearly 10-year-old dog who spent more than 13 months without a forever home. Known as “Bails” within human society, she can be a bit boisterous when seeking attention. She’s also never seen a bowl of food she doesn’t want to swallow, which leaves her with a few extra pounds. Part of her charm is the tricks she’s acquired over the years, and she’s willing to perform them for the right treats.

Like many dogs that have matured into a routine, Bailey cannot be adopted into just any home. She is suitable for a place where she is the only animal and the house is her domain. If you’re someone with kids, they’ll all need to meet Bailey ahead of time to make sure there’s a connection. His most perfect match would be someone living a more rural lifestyle and looking for a reliable and caring best friend.

through the Bangor Humane Society

through the Bangor Humane Society

A commenter on the Facebook post offered to cover adoption costs if Bailey can find the right home. If interested, please contact the Bangor Humane Society at 207-942-8902 and arrange a visit with Bailey.

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