Donate to Twin Falls Animal Shelter in Honor of Betty White

When Betty White was alive, she was a known animal lover. She liked to adopt as many animals as she could. When she passed away just over two weeks before her 100th birthday, people came together to find a way to commemorate the late comedian.

On January 17, there is a movement to get as many people as possible to donate just $ 5 to the local animal shelter under the name Betty White. The Twin Falls Animal Shetler has announced that if you are considering being a part of the movement, you can donate online.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter will be closed on January 17th for Martin Luther King Jr Day. That being said, they are still keen to participate in the event and they have stated that if you are interested in being a part of it as well, you can donate online.

If you don’t want to donate cash, you can still donate items. The shelter is always on the lookout for food, kitty litter, treats, blankets, towels, toys, etc., they need it. These are things that you can give either before the 17th or after, when they are operational. You can also do this on behalf of Betty White.

Right now, just over $ 200 has been raised for the shelter and it’s not even official yet. If you want to be part of it, you can click here.

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