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During tough times, families come together and now more and more pets are included in family festivities.

Tom Dock from Noah’s Animal Hospitals joined us today as pet experts and vets help people make good gift choices for their pets. Here is more of him:

About 77% of pet owners will give their four-legged friends a Christmas present this season. This means that more people are sharing gifts with their dogs and cats than with their coworkers!

Many animals just like to “unwrap” their gifts, no matter what is inside. Of course, the extra attention from their owners doesn’t hurt either!

Pet owners and those looking to give gifts to pets or owners might consider actual physical gifts, gifts that benefit other animals, or a gift that could benefit the animal in the future.

A great gift for dogs is an anti-snuffle mat. These rugs help relieve boredom as small treats or even toys can be hidden in the folds of the rug and allow your pooch to have fun exploring hidden treasures.

We all know dogs love to chew, but bones and some other traditional chew toys can be dangerous to our pets due to clogging, punctures, or even damage to the dog’s teeth. Consider a durable toy like any Kong toy or even a cotton rope toy.

Don’t just feed your pet, let them have fun interactively with a treat dispenser toy like the Bob-a-Lot Starmark Treat Dispenser toy. This wobbly device will drop treats when your puppy hits it trying to get those tasty bites.

Don’t forget your feline friends, just like our dogs, our cats need mental and physical stimulation Consider a PetSafe SlimCat interactive food dispenser that can help encourage physical activity.

Overall, beyond fun toys or fancy clothes for your pets, vets recommend that you consider less common, but definitely useful, gifts.

Millions of pets move away each year, unable to find their way home. A microchip, along with proper registration, can ensure the safe return of your pet in case it gets lost. Don’t forget to update YOUR information!

Local shelters and rescues do a great job of helping homeless animals and those with special needs. Why not give a cash gift (in your pet’s name, of course) to your favorite LOCAL animal group?

If the money is running out… ask your local shelter what kind of supplies would help. You might have old blankets, towels, or even pet items that could be reused at the shelter and help staff take care of pets.

Even more pets are placed in shelters due to behavioral issues. Providing the right kind of training can help you avoid many of these frustrating issues. Sites like and can help you find the right tools for any behavior problem.

Being prepared for an emergency might not be a flashy treat, but it could save your pet’s life. See pet insurance as a way to protect your pet from serious illness or injury

You can view many pet insurance plans and companies on a wide variety of consumer advocacy sites.

Other options to prepare might include a medical line of credit, such as CareCredit. They offer 6 month cash funding options for unforeseen veterinary expenses.

Many vets are now offering gift certificates for preventive health care. This would make a great stocking stuffer for the animal lover in your life!

And above all, how about giving your pets “the gift of time”? This is really what matters most to them. Make sure you spend a little more time with your pets each day. You will both benefit!

Our pets give us so much and ask for so little in return. Ask your vet for ideas to help keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

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