Neglected black cat at IN Shelter hopes to be a lucky charm

Allow us to introduce you to this week pet of the week of the Vanderburgh Humane Society.

Meet Nico!

Hey, I’m Nico, a beautiful 3 year old panther. You may have met me in the VHS open chat room before – I love talking to guests and I’ll even be your shadow once I’ve met you a few times. Did you know that black cats are the most abandoned cat color and are generally the least likely to be adopted? Why? Well… We don’t tend to photograph well, which makes it hard to attract you with my beautiful features when you see me online; Superstition. Yes, some people still associate me with bad luck (even if I would be your lucky charm!); We just don’t distinguish ourselves from adopters the way our fellow calicos and multicolored kittens do. Don’t let me pass, though! I’m so sweet to caress and I promise you won’t be disappointed! My adoption fees are $80 and include my sterilization, my microchip and my vaccinations. Visit me at the Vanderburgh Humane Society or apply online at

What’s going on on VHS?

Do you remember Rose?

Do you remember Rose? She survived being hit by a car and needed 10 weeks of splint treatment to be able to walk again. Rose is now in her 10th week of therapy and you helped her get here! She still has some healing to do before she’s ready for adoption, but she’s on her way!

Please consider helping other homeless animals like her by donating today. -VHS

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