Panera Enlists Viral Creator Of TikTok For Help With “Ugly Holiday Cup” Designs

(NEXSTAR) – Favorite TikTok designer is helping Panera put the “ugly” in her “Ugly Holiday Cup Collection” this season.

“We’re excited to do something different from the rest this year with the launch of our 2021 Ugly Holiday Cup collection in collaboration with TikTok sensation Emily Zugay,” said Eduardo Luz, Panera Brand and Concept Director.

Luz said they chose to work with Emily Zugay to remind guests that it’s “what’s inside – the gift of unlimited premium Panera coffee – that matters most.”

Zugay said Panera approached her about a paid partnership and liked the idea presented to her.

“Panera approached me about doing a paid collaboration a bit after my satirical graphic design content started to take off,” Zugay told Nexstar. “I love Panera and loved the idea they came up with, so I couldn’t refuse it. Something about being able to put a wacky twist on holiday mugs definitely appealed to me!

Zugay, who went viral with his hilarious reviews of famous logos, posted the first of his satirical videos on TikTok in September.

His straightforward delivery – coupled with his rather unique design suggestions – made him an instant hit. Some national brands, including McDonald’s, have even changed their branding on social media to reflect his designs … at least temporarily.

“I didn’t expect it to explode like it did,” she said. “I had about 500,000 followers at the time and expected 100,000 people to see it, at most. It exceeded my expectations and I had a great time riding the concept. It opened up a lot of new doors for me!

Zugay graduated in 2019 from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a BFA in Entertainment Design.

“Using the knowledge of dos and don’ts in design helps me make a design as bad as possible while being intentional about it so that it works well,” she said. .

(Panera bread)

For Panera’s holiday mug collection, Zugay created four different satirical designs. She tapped into her TikTok character to provide Nexstar with a description of each.

“First, we have the design of the Snowflake Cup. It’s a classic. It’s covered in neatly rendered snowflakes, and I’ve labeled each one to let people know they’re snowflakes. You’ve probably heard that every snowflake is different and beautiful in its own way. Kind of like me. I would choose to be the snowflake in the middle because it’s special.

(Panera bread)

“Second, we have the Snowman Cup design. I made a game of it. There are eight different snowmen and you have to find the difference in the appearance of each snowman. I wanted people to have endless hours of fun while sipping their delicious Panera coffee.

(Panera bread)

“Third, we have my Classic Holiday Cup design. It has every aspect of the vacation that everyone loves, like a candy cane, gingerbread man, and coffee beans under the tree. “Healthy” and “beautiful” are two words I would use to describe it. “

(Panera bread)

“Last but not least, we have the design of the ‘Raindeer’ cup. I have included beloved and well-known reindeer characters such as Vicky and Dance. I studied the anatomy of the reindeer up to a T for this one. I wanted to make sure they looked as realistic as possible and I think I got it out of the park.

Coffee lovers can enter for a chance to win a limited-edition set of reusable “Ugly Holiday Cups” from Panera at until December 6th.

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