Pit bull rescued from shelter needs a forever home in Maine


Brynn, an adult female Pit Bull Terrier, was rescued from a slaughter shelter in New Mexico.

She has had a difficult life. Stronger than she deserves, or than any dog ​​deserves. Corn Pittie Posse Rescue and Sanctuary here in Maine rescued her and wants to find this sweet dog her forever home.

Brynn was found in New Mexico with a broken rope tied around her neck. She was infested with ticks and was so, so scared. Pittie posse stepped in to save her and had her brought to Maine. She is newly arrived and loves her host family. She really opened up.

She had to have TEN sore, broken teeth removed. They also found clear evidence of past trauma to both of his front legs.

But as she was settling in, her foster family noticed something was wrong with her teeth. She had to have TEN sore, broken teeth removed. They also found clear evidence of past trauma to both of his front legs.

Despite all of this, Brynn is still the sweetest girl, with hopeful eyes. She really comes out of her shell! His adoptive says:

She didn’t know how to dog inside a house at first! Slippery floors are always a little scary for her, but she’s such a happy girl and her personality just shines!

She is a huge fan of naps, squeaky toys and cuddles on the couch!

Brynn is about 4 years old. She does well on a leash. She LOVES kids – she’s a real mom dog with them! She has not been tested with cats.

Pittie Posse Rescue is a passionate project for a couple who love what they do and are dedicated to making it a place rejected dogs can count on. Of course, your help in continuing is always appreciated. They also have the Pittie Posse pet pantry who still needs supplies Please help in any way possible.

Let’s make this vacation the best vacation possible for Brynn!

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