Senior dog at Indiana Shelter really wants a family for Christmas

Allow us to introduce you this week Pet of the week from Vanderburgh Humanitarian Society. Meet Lila.

Hi, my name is Lila! You may have noticed my gray muzzle. I just celebrated my 11th birthday here at VHS, but I don’t act every day! My favorite volunteer takes me for a run every day as part of the Mutt’s Morning Out program, so I’m in great shape! I’ve been waiting in my kennel since October, but haven’t had a lot of adoption visits. It’s time for me to reunite with my family forever! I love people and am great with children and respectful dogs. Maybe you could be my new walking buddy if you adopt me! Come visit me on VHS! I am sterilized, microchipped and up to date with my vaccines, adoption fee $ 150.

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