The architect presents designs for school bond projects; consultant announces her retirement | News

BEAUFORT – The architect and consultant for classroom additions and renovations included in a $ 42 million school bond referendum approved in November 2020 presented preliminary designs for five projects at the county school board meeting on Tuesday by Carteret.

The council met at the central school system office on Safrit Drive in Beaufort.

Ahead of architect Jimmy Hite’s presentation with Hite Associates PC of Greenville, school system bond construction consultant Keith Marready announced he will be retiring on Friday, December 31.

Mr Marready, 67, who has overseen large bond and construction projects for the system for 16 years, said it was a tough decision but felt it was the right time for him and his family. The school board contracted with him last year lead the multiple improvements, renovations and additions of facilities to be paid with the obligations.

“I appreciate the time I spent working with all of you and the previous board members,” he said. “I only wish the best for this program. Don’t let him falter and don’t hesitate to give me a call if you need anything.

Board member John McLean thanked Mr. Marready for his years of service.

“Your relationship with our County Commissioners and our contractors and your work ethic is second to none,” said Mr. McLean. “We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our school system. “

After the meeting, the superintendent, Dr Rob Jackson, said school officials were interviewing candidates to replace Mr Marready.

“I hope to be able to recommend someone to the Board of Education at the January meeting,” he said.

As for the projects reviewed on Tuesday, Mr Marready said the projects were all on track for design completion.

Deputy Superintendent Richard Paylor added that other projects covered by the bond are already underway, including replacing doors at several schools.

John McLean, a member of the Carteret County Board of Education, thanked school bond construction consultant Keith Marready for his years of service after Mr Marready announced on Tuesday that he would be retiring on Friday, December 31. (Photo by Cheryl Burke)

“Gates are complete at Harkers Island Elementary School,” said Paylor. “We are waiting on two doors to be full at Atlantic Elementary. We are about 40% complete in West Carteret. “

Major projects included in the bond include construction of gymnasiums / auxiliary shelters at the three public high schools and at White Oak Elementary School. The gymnasiums will serve as emergency shelters in the event of hurricanes and other disasters.

“We had people from EMS heavily involved in the design of the shelter,” Mr. Marready said.

He added that designs for a gymnasium / shelter and auditorium at East Carteret High School have been completed.

“The scheduled opening of the tenders is the first week of January,” said Mr Marready.

The project involves the construction of an estimated 2,000 square foot auditorium addition at the southwest end of the existing facility. It will include a choir / classroom, dressing rooms, storage areas and restrooms.

ECHS will also receive a gymnasium / auxiliary shelter of approximately 10,000 square feet which will be equipped with a generator and a food service area to serve as an emergency shelter. There will also be changing rooms. The gymnasium will be located near the football field.

The estimated cost of the additions to the ECHS is $ 4 million, according to Marready. He said if all goes well, construction could start at the end of February.

Offers for an approximately 8,000 square foot gymnasium / shelter at WOES are expected to launch in February. The gymnasium will replace the existing facility. The new multi-purpose gymnasium will include a stage, sports floor, service kitchen, work rooms for teachers and toilets. It will also be equipped with a generator. The estimated cost of the project is $ 2 million.

Offers for the construction of a gymnasium / shelter and addition of a classroom at Croatan High School are scheduled for April. The school will receive a gymnasium / shelter similar to that of the ECHS. It will be located behind the existing gymnasium.

The addition of the CHS classroom, which will be located where the current staff parking lot is, will include 12 classrooms, two science labs, several resource rooms, workrooms and washrooms. The approximate cost of CHS projects is $ 5.5 million, according to Marready.

Offers for a gymnasium / shelter, music room, locker rooms and science / ROTC classrooms at West Carteret High School are expected to be ready in May. The gymnasium / shelter will be similar to those in other high schools. The facility will be near the football field. The science / ROTC addition will include six rooms and laboratories. It will be attached to the existing ROTC zone.

The music room will be built at the south end of the school where the shopping area is located. The school will also be enlarged and renovated in the changing rooms. The estimated cost of all WCHS projects is $ 6.5 million.

Offers for the addition of a classroom and dining room at Broad Creek Middle School are expected to be released in June. The school will receive approximately 22,000 square feet and 16 additional classrooms behind the gymnasium. In addition, the school will receive a dining room addition that will be located at the front of the existing dining room.

Additionally, Mr Marready said BCMS will receive a new access road designed to steer traffic away from Highway 24 when parents drop off and pick up students. The road will extend from a street on the west side of the school. The road will pass behind and around the school, ending at the drop-off parking lot.

The approximate cost of adding the BCMS classroom and road is $ 3.8 million, and the addition of the dining hall is estimated at $ 500,000.

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