The best hostess gift ideas

Whether you’re heading to a friend’s house for the New Year’s Eve festivities or for a long-awaited weekend break over the holidays, you’ll want to thank them for their hospitality efforts. Of course, you can drop by your local wine store on the way, but if you want to get a little more creative in showing your gratitude during an already busy and often stressful time, here are some of the best ideas from. gifts for hosts and hostesses.

These meaningful gifts cover all host types and feel a little more thoughtful and special, showing how grateful you are to be welcomed as a guest at the end of another hectic year. From whimsical chocolates and luxurious hair care to artful decor and caviar tasting, these are the best hostess gifts for New Years Eve or any occasion.

A lush scented candle

A candle might seem like a predictable gift, but Flamingo Estate’s versions are anything but ordinary. Choose from soothing sage, rich rosemary, or the heirloom tomato of the day, which smells exactly like the juicy staple of the vine.

A Soothing Care Box

Treat yourself to personal grooming with the MoMi Scalp Soothing Hair Care Set. This set combines a golden comb (designed to relieve tension and stimulate circulation with each pass) with the brand’s scalp nourishing essence, for a well-deserved and totally relaxing home treatment. The heavy and glittery comb feels great in your hand, it looks so pretty on any dresser top.

A delicious trio of rum infused chocolates

Perfect for foodie hosts, this collaboration between AAPI, a female-owned rum brand, and Oodaalolly offers a tasty trio of Kasama rum infused chocolates, ranging from tangy white chocolate and pineapple to creamy coconut milk chocolate to 70% Philippine dark chocolate made from cocoa. A portion of each sale goes to a very worthy cause: Hospicio de San Jose, based in Manila, a charity that runs an orphanage, a shelter for battered women and a local community development center.

A daily task – high

Both practical and luxurious, this hand care set from DS & Durga ticks all the boxes for a great hostess gift. It elevates repetitive tasks to a fragrant moment, with a hand cleanser and moisturizer duo with a lush woody scent that perfectly captures California’s hazy Central Coast.

A worthy addition to their Game Night collection

Puzzles have become a household staple over the past year and a half, and it’s no surprise why – they provide a soothing yet enjoyable way to unplug and relax. This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle features a beautiful print by Portland-based artist Alex Proba that draws inspiration from colors and patterns found in everyday life, something your gift is sure to want to show off when put together.

A decadent New Year’s treat

This next-level gift basket includes everything you need for the ultimate New Years Eve party at home: a decadent variety of house caviar, blinis, crème fraîche and a classic mother-of-pearl serving spoon. Sourced from Paramount Caviar, which supplies top-notch restaurants around the world, it’s the next best thing to do after tasting caviar at this Michelin-starred spot – no prior reservations required.

A decor that inspires joy

Does your host always have fresh flowers in the house? Improve their ikebana game with a nifty trompe-l’oeil vase. As well as being pretty, this version of Block Design is also reversible: use one side for small flowers and the other more spacious side for longer stems. You can also leave it blank, and it will always be a great talking point.

High quality pantry staples

A foodie host can always use high quality staples and this trio from Pineapple Collaborative doesn’t disappoint. A dash, splash or mix of these kitchen staples will add a subtle touch to any dish.

A nice diary

This diary-meets-journal produced in collaboration with the chic French brand is a perfect New Year’s gift. Hand-printed in Paris with a variety of unique and vibrant covers, the planners are filled with whimsical and invented French vacations, with plenty of room to jot down events, keepsakes – or even use as a fancy guest book. .

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