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Out of Christmas presents? Melis Karabulut of Brno Daily has a few suggestions for unusual experience gift ideas to satisfy even those who seem to have it all! Credit: Freepik

Brno, December 13 – Christmas is upon us, and with it the traditional annual shopping for gifts for friends and family. This Christmas, here are some unusual gift ideas that do not only consist of buying a collection box of perfumes and creams, with a little more creativity and pleasure, for people who want to offer a pleasant and memorable experience to their loved ones, and bring an unorthodox approach to binge-shopping.

  1. A flight simulation experience with Bud ‘Pilot
Photo: The view inside the simulation. Credit: Bud Pilot

It is now possible to have an authentic flight simulation experience in the city center of Brno with “Bud ‘Pilot”. Founded by flight simulation experts and active pilots; Bud ‘Pilot comes with a unique experience which can only be found in Brno as the simulations are built with real pilot seats and cockpits. Located on Uvoz, Bud ‘Pilot offers five different flight simulations, so you can have a realistic experience of being a Boeing pilot in various weather conditions, or you can even join F-16 and F-18 fighter missions! You have the option of either purchasing a gift voucher for a specific program or getting a free voucher that allows the recipient to choose the program. Programs are typically 25-70 minutes long and cost CZK 890-4990 with various perks, while special Christmas vouchers are also available. It would make an amazing Christmas present for someone looking for an exciting time in Heaven!

Visit Bud ‘Pilot and get more info here:

  1. A good old massage or wellness center
Photo: A jacuzzi in the wellness area of ​​the EFI SPA Hotel Credit: EFI Hotels

This one is still a solid idea that would make any recipient happy and distressed. Buying a good massage or wellness can also be a good way to let the other person know that you are thinking about their health as a whole and that you are giving them the opportunity to relax and take well. take care of her.

A good place is certainly the EFI SPA hotel, with its wonderful Finnish and aromatic steam saunas, a huge jacuzzi and a toilet spa open to the public at very reasonable prices. The three-hour general public admission experience comes with a wellness package that includes everything you need for a great spa: towel service, drinks, and a fruit bar! Prices vary from 250 to 300 CZK depending on the day and time of your visit. The EFI SPA has not been established for a long time, but will surely become one of the competitive spa among many in Brno. It might be a good idea to treat yourself, friends, or family this holiday season before she gets more and more famous! Reservations and purchases of gift vouchers can be made online or by phone:

A personal recommendation for a good massage – especially for those with chronic orthopedic issues – is Somafit, again a slightly less ordinary place with great helping hands that make you feel like a new person, just like the new one. year approaching! The prices are really affordable compared to many other massage parlors, with offers ranging from 300 to 600 CZK. Since this is also a physiotherapy clinic, the professionals really know what they are doing and are ready to help you with your life for the long term. Physical problems. Reservations are handled online, and you can pay and collect gift certificates in person:

Others personally recommended in this category are:

  • TAWAN Thajské masáže – Barceló Brno Palace: An all-time legend of Thai massage in Brno, with higher prices, but currently offering a 20% discount with Christmas vouchers
  • Infinit Maximus Brno: A place for solid pleasure with a wide variety of wellness, spa and massage options for all kinds of people, with vouchers valid for 19 months from the day of purchase: https: //

  1. Dance / yoga / workout class

For that friend who has always wanted to learn salsa, for the mother who carries all the burdens on her shoulders, or for that brother who always dances to music in the kitchen: offering physical movements is a great option to give a little of excitement and inspiration for someone you love, or yourself.

The charming Anežka Knotková offers Christmas vouchers for her several courses, ranging from one-to-one lessons, musical dance and intensive workshops. His classes are always an inspiration. The vouchers can be accessed here: Fbclid = IwAR1sd1z7xvXZgH1hI4ck8hdN_SZaAFAFFuEXnKUBzy2_0gimhzON484P7SA

Yoga Brno also offers yoga passes or one-on-one training which can be purchased in person or online:

  1. More gift experiences: Slevomat

Slevomat is the source of experience gifts, not only in Brno, but throughout the Czech Republic and also in neighboring countries. This is a great website that brings together a lot of offers for hotels, tours, restaurants, wellness and spa centers, dance and workout studios, and more. You can also look for other unusual experiences like a 1 hour photo shoot with your partner or family, a laser tag for your group of friends, a 3 hour pistol shooting activity after a long day at work, learning the mandala for yourself, and basically everything you wish you had known existed in Brno a little earlier.

See the Slevomat advent calendar and today’s offers for Christmas gifts:

Bonus – Support Animal shelters as a gift

Christmas is giving, and I guarantee that your loved ones would appreciate a small or large contribution on their behalf to any animal shelter in the Czech Republic. Here are a few that you can support:

Lucky Cats – Brno –

Kocici Domov Slunicko – Dobříň –

AzylPes – Frýdlant –

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